OLYMPIA – Washington State employees and health care workers protested the Governor’s COVID vaccine requirement on the steps of the state capital Sunday. They have until Monday to get the COVID-19 vaccine in order to stay employed. The Governor’s order is to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus by October 18th or lose your job. Carrying a variety of signs proclaiming personal freedom, many were also outspoken, saying, the Governor’s mandate is tyranny, and the vaccine mandate “Is so un-American and against what we believe in, in this country, my college is telling me I have to get vaccinated or I can’t go this quarter and I’m taking on-line classes which doesn’t make any sense.” On a bullhorn they chanted, “We will not comply”, willing to lose their employment and stand by their decision to not be vaccinated. Members of Medical Freedom Lewis County attended. 19th district State representative Jim Walsh of Aberdeen spoke from the steps of the capital building, urging the over three thousand in attendance, “we have to reclaim the proper order of constitutional law and constitutional government.”

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