OLYMPIA – If you’ve been fully vaccinated against coronavirus you may get special treatment. The Governor said Thursday there will be increasing policies to increase incentives to get the vaccine. Gov. Jay Inslee says, “There’s a possibility, we’ve given thought to this. I do think in the next several weeks you’ll see an increasing policies by the state and others that will create more incentives for folks, so there is the possibility going forward.” The Governor added, “At some point we have to get to a percentage of the population that has immunity to break the chain of this pandemic.” Secretary of the State Department of Health Dr. Umair Shah says 30% of state residents have been fully vaccinated. The governor said he is alarmed by the softening in demand for the vaccines and worries the virus is going to outrun the effort to fight the pandemic. He referred to it as COVID 2.0. As The Governor continues to wield his single-handed emergency powers, he says, “This is under our control, you know we are simply not helpless here. Obviously it is most disturbing to go backwards in this effort after all we have gone through. We’re getting close to the goal line and we have the control in our ability to do that.” Gov. Inslee says the state wants to gather the most recent health care data on the virus and will announce Tuesday which counties are going to be forced back into Phase Two of reopening due to increased infections and patients with complications of coronavirus that are in hospital critical care units. _______________________________________________ OLYMPIA – Two Olympia women have been arrested in connection to the murder of a Chehalis man, whose body was dumped along a road in northeast Olympia. 37-year-old Rochelle Schneberger oF Olympia has been charged with first-degree murder of Jose Tamayo. Another woman, 30-year-old Olivia Legvold, was arrested and charged for first-degree rendering criminal assistance. Tomayo’s body was found by a jogger outside of Olympia April 25 and detectives say he’d been killed by a gunshot to the head. Prosecutors say law enforcement’s investigation revealed it appears Schneberger owed him drug money, and after he was killed, she got Legvold to try to help her cover it up. The investigation continues into the motive and if anyone else was involved.

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