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KELA News Headlines for Thursday, May 5,  2016


A big drug bust in Onalaska

Acting on information from the Department of Corrections, the Lewis County Joint Narcotics Task Force arrested a father and son at a residence in Onalaska on Monday and seized a large amount of cash and drugs. The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office says DOC officers discovered the stash when they went to the residence to check on 55-year old Scott Ridgley who was under DOC supervision. While officers were there, 38-year old Larry Ridgley rode up on a what later identified as a stolen motorcycle. A search found he was in possession of meth. Authorities seized 117 grams of meth, 490 grams of marijuana, Oxycodone pills and more than $21,000 cash from a safe in the residence. Both men were arrested and booked into the Lewis County Jail on various charges.


Herrera Beutler to meet with leaders from Pe Ell, Vader and Toledo

Third District Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler will meet with stakeholders from Vader, Toledo and Pe Ell on Friday about Community Development Grants.She will be in Toledo at the town’s waste water treatment facility at 10:30 AM to talk with leaders from the three Lewis County towns to discuss their need for Community Development Block Grants and her efforts to restore their ability to qualify. These communities lost eligibility for CDBG when questionable federal data deemed that they were “too affluent” to qualify.


Dog kennel permit program approved

The Lewis County Commissioners on Monday voted to create a dog kennel permit program in the county. Bill Teitzel, the code enforcement officer for the Health Department, says as adopted, the ordinance defines a kennel as any property with 10 or more dogs over the age of six months that have not been spayed or neutered, or 20 or more dogs in total. Owners meeting those numbers will be required to get a permit annually which requires them to pass a yearly inspection. It goes into effect on July 1.


Community meeting on Borst Avenue safety issues

The City of Centralia, Lewis County and the Centralia High School ASB Officers will host a neighborhood outreach and informational meeting on Saturday to seek input concerning pedestrian safety issues along Borst Avenue in Centralia between Centralia Middle School and Centralia High School.  The meeting will be Saturday at 2:30 PM in the Centralia High School Classitorium.  All interested parties are encouraged to attend. 


April was warmer, drier than average

April was both warmer and drier than average in the Twin Cities. KELA/KMNT weatherman Dean Dahlin says we received exactly an inch less rainfall than average for the month.  He says to no one’s surprise, April was much warmer than normal with an average temperature of 53.9 degrees. That’s 5.2 degrees above average for the month. Dean says for May, the average temperature in the Twin Cities is 54.5 degrees with just over 2 inches of rainfall for the month.















































































































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